Changing the way you bank...

  • Quick and simple enrollment with Face ID and Touch ID options
  • Block or freeze your debit or credit card in one quick step
  • Bill Pay, P2P payments and external funds transfers
  • Add a new account and get pre-approved for a loan inside the Mobile App.
  • Card wallet integration with FitBit, Garmin and Amazon Pay interfaces.
  • Contactless debit cards in-branch

What can I expect?

  • All users will need to re-enroll, however, you’ll only need three pieces of information and you’re in!
  • For those using bank to bank transfers, it will be necessary to re-link the accounts you’ve used.
  • If you have a scheduled transfer for a loan or share, those are remaining in place; same with Payroll Deductions from OU.

Click here for a step by step guide on enrolling and some of the new features available.

closeup of male's hands using smartphone

Our Mission

OU Federal Credit Union is a progressive, member owned and controlled financial organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, low-cost, high quality financial services that are personalized for the membership.