Your insurance policy needs to include:

  1. OU Federal Credit Union, control#2723, as LIENHOLDER/LOSS PAYEE, P.O. Box GG, Norman, OK 73069
  2. COMPREHENSIVE & COLLISION coverage on vehicle with deductibles not to exceed $1,000
  3. Collateral must match collateral on loan document.
  4. Policy Number, Policy Period and Company name MUST be listed.

Should you fail to maintain the required insurance throughout the life of the loan, we may (but shall not be required to and without prejudice to our rights if we do not) purchase a policy for our own protection and pass the cost of the policy on to you, the borrower.

For your convenience, you or your agent can click here to provide proof of insurance. You may also submit your insurance declarations to in PDF or TIF format.

Our Mission

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